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James  39, from Oxford.

Month 2 on e-cigarettes:

It's been tough not smoking in social situations and I still find myself lighting up the odd cigarette here and there. I would say that I have definitely cut down although I haven't given up completely - I reckon it will be a while before I do.

It's great seeing the amount of e-cig vapers out there though, and I feel slightly cool when I vape aswell as healthier.

Month 1 on e-cigarettes:

I have been a regular smoker since I was a teenager. I enjoy smoking and only considered giving up once I had my son Josh and I started to think about living more healthily. I have taken up sports and want to set my son a good example, so it only seemed right to try to give up smoking. I have tried many things in the past, from patches to cold turkey, but nothing has seemed to work. I thought I would try e-cigarettes and bought my first eGo CE from de-bang last week.

I was contacted by electronicecigstore.co.uk as I was a new customer, and they asked if they could follow my journey on electronic cigarettes and share my progress with you all. I tried my first eGo CE last night. It took a few attempts to put the e-liquid in but I got the hang of it, and opted for tobacco 24mg as the first one to try. So far so good, but it has only been day 1. I will keep you informed!

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Tara 21.

 Month 2 on e-cigarettes:

I'm still vaping and have started to try different products, I really like the Evod and my favourite colour is silver. I feel comfortable vaping with friends and lots of people at work vape too. I have found ordering online via www.electronicecigstore.co.uk easy to do, with the ecigs arriving the next day!

Month 1 on e-cigarettes:

Apologies for the dog selfie! That's my dog Maisy. She is the only member of my family that knows I smoke, so I asked not to put a photo up of me!

My mum doesn't even know I have ever smoked and she would kill be if she found out! electronicecigstore.co.uk contacted me and asked if I would like to try their products so long as I was honest about what I thought. The de-bang stix arrived in the post 3 days ago. I chose the Vgot because it gives good vaping performance, and I have read other peoples experiences and there seems to be a lot of fans out there! It looks good. I ordered the silver starter kit which usually retails at £24.99 from de-bang although it seems to be on offer at £19.99. I haven’t started vaping with it yet. 

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David from Manchester

Month 1 on e-cigarettes:

I've placed my first order online and cannot wait for them to arrive - my friend vapes whilst he is fishing so I hope that I can join him and be committed. With Stoptober round the corner I really want to make an effort and try to give up smoking. With electronic cigarettes I might just do it!

Week 0 on e-cigarettes:

I have been a heavy smoker for 20 years, and feel as though I have tried everything available to help me give up. I have turned to de-bang to help and am looking forward to sharing my experience with you. Who knows if this will work, but I approach it with optimism and will ensure I give it my best shot.

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