The benefits of e-cigs

Electronic Cigarettes, or e-cigs, have three main components which constitute the product viz, a smar chip, and ee-liquid clearomiser and a rechargable battery.

Benefits of Using Electronic Cigarettes:

  • It doesn’t constitute harmful chemicals as opposed to traditional cigarettes.
  • e-Cigarettes In UK are completely legal and can be put to use in public places.
  • e-Cigarettes are cheaper in the long run as compare to traditional cigarettes.
  • It doesn’t harm in yellowing of nails, teeth and bad odours.
  • E-Cigarettes don’t burst a flame which avoids the risk of fire.
  • It doesn’t generate smoke or residue as compared to regular cigarettes.

There are few overwhelming benefits which make a good reason to choose this product. The other benefit of using an e-cigarette is to enable people to adjust to the consumption of nicotine. Today there are a lot of people who are using e-cigarettes because they have become anxious about their health. This is becoming one of the most popular products in UK. The experience of an eCigarette is that it provides you a real-satisfaction of smoking without the consumption of tar and tobacco. E-cigarettes are also approved to be used inside pubs, restaurant, etc, where the smoking of tobacco is illegal.

Tar and Tobacco are prohibited substances in United Kingdom, for this causes smoking regular cigarettes is not very law abiding in public areas. However, choosing an e-cigarette, you will have more benefits and you will not have to be anxious about violating the law. offers its customer various e-cigarettes product across the United Kingdom. This is one of the most trusted online-store across the UK, and it offers customer to free delivery, seven day return offer and same day shipment facilities.


In the United Kingdom approximately 11% of regular smokers are using electronic cigarettes in 2013.  It is no surprise that electronic cigarettes are better than traditional cigarettes for lung function. Scientific research carried out by ECCA affiliate laboratories indicates that eCigarettes have a safer future in term of Health & environmental concerns.

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