More adults in Britain are vaping than ever before

This is a phenomenal increase and shows the popularity of vaping amongst smokers and ex smokers. Use of electronic cigarettes amongst non-smokers is negligible.

So, this report states that more people are using electronic cigarettes, more frequently, and the good news is that more British adults believe that electronic cigarettes are good for public health.

Interestingly the report also gave main reasons why people use electronic cigarettes, with ex-smokers stating their reasons are “to help me stop smoking entirely” (71%) and current smokers is to “help me reduce the amount of tobacco I smoke, but not stop completely” (48%) followed by “to save money compared with smoking tobacco” (37%); and “to help me stop smoking entirely” (36%).

All of this reflects what we are seeing here at, feedback we have from our customers are that they are looking for electronic cigarettes that will help them cut down smoking, and allow them to vape in social situations without the stigma attached of lighting up a cigarette. Many also find vaping a sociable experience, getting their friends over and discussing the latest electronic cigarette or flavour is becoming a talking point.

We have some really exciting new products coming out soon, and believe that these products will also form part of peoples discussions on the next best electronic cigarette or accessory to buy. Watch this space for more news!

Happy Vaping!

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