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As a smoker, you crave the nicotine hit. Fine. You keep it. You also keep the sheer action of smoking raising your arm and putting it in your mouth. Of course, you love to inhale. To take a deep, the nicotine hit. Brilliant, you get to keep this too. Finally the exhale of a cloud of smoke, that’s right, you also do this.

What you don’t do is suffer all the harmful things that go with smoking traditional cigarettes. The 4,000 plus chemicals. The tar. The carbon monoxide. The tobacco odour. Not to mention the hassle of sneaking out for a cigarette, standing around in the cold or the rain. A De-Bang electronic cigarette looks like a traditional cigarette. It replicates almost every aspect of a real cigarette. It even lights up – though not with a lighter or match. It glows when you put in your mouth and inhale, just like a normal cig. You even blow out smoke like a normal ciggie, but you’re not inhaling anything harmful.

De-bang - An alternative to smoking

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